Alumni Updates & Events

Congratulations DHS!
Our Alumni Association is 300 members strong and growing! If you were not able to attend the tour and open house, July 14th, you missed a great day of fellowship but it is never to late to join in the fun. We do hope to have other opportunities to see the amazing facilities and of course more great events as we move forward as an Alumni Association. Our tour, July 14th, was unique because it was the first opportunity for the public to see the new Decatur High school. As the band, directed by Blake Ferguson, played in the Courtyard it officially became Decatur High forever!  The new walls welcomed, Jane Brown Winston, a DHS student in 1934, at 99 years young, while also welcoming babies that will be a part of the class of 2033. It was such a special day.

Congratulations to the class of 1961! They had 25 paid and registered alumni and will be the first brick that will be a part of the DHS tribute wall.  We will have more information about bricks/plaques and how to honor the memory of and celebrate DHS alumni. 

Our tour was a great success because of amazing volunteers, retired teachers, former students, current teachers, recent graduates, administrators and current students. Thank you to everyone who contributed to a great new chapter at Decatur High School.

Our tour guides were 2018 graduates, Callie Puryear, Mary Kate Hillis, Susan Floyd, Ella Sanders, Grantland Stone, and Patton Coon. John Adam Berry and Cade Smith of the class of 2019 also helped with the tours. Macy Beth Lee, class of 2016 also quickly caught on to the building and gave a number of tours. 
DHS Cheerleaders Julia Sturges (2019), Audreana Thomas (2020), Ella Foster, Parker Grace, and Olivia Anders (2022) dressed in familiar red and black to greet and direct guests as they arrived.  
Faculty facilitators were John Berry (principal), Ashley Lawrence (history), Sam Brown (boys basketball and PE), Blake Ferguson (band director), and Mary Hillis (assistant principal).  
Registering new DHSAA members, Pat Smithson, Pat Crowe, Linda French, Lathy Littrell, Jonna Owens-Lee, Brad and Emily White, Debbie Phillips, Rachel Brannon, Kim Evans, Ginny Owens, Ann Coggins, and Kristi Overbee. 
Photos were taken by Emily Overbee and Cathy Smalley